How to Gain Self Confidence

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What is total self confidence? Think about the word 'confide'. When you confide in someone you must put your trust in them. To have confidence in yourself you must also trust yourself. When you got up this morning you put your feet on the floor and walked away from your bed. There was nothing that you had to think about to make it happen - you just did it. You had total self confidence in your ability to walk across the floor. You did so automatically. With this evidence, we can conclude that self confidence must be: a state of certainty untouched by fear and doubt and that it dwells somewhere in your subconscious mind working at an automatic level.

Each thing you do adds more layers to your brain's programs. These programs process and produce the results you see in your life. Here are some tool kit tips on how to gain self confidence by reinforcing self trust.

* Meditation and mind training. This is the surest way to achieve a confident, clear state of mind. Consistently practicing meditation generates a state a mind that is untouched by fear. It produces the quality of certainty.

* Get out of your comfort zone. Take small calculated risks. If you take a shot and miss, it's not the end of the world, it's the beginning of your new game. Pro ball players have missed at least 1000 shots.

* Stop focusing on self-defeating thoughts. Feeling insecure in a group of people? Focus on others and what they want and need in that moment.

* Practice one thing. Stretch your ability over time in small increments. This will insure that your new skills will stick. Use the benefit of preparation. Practice conversational techniques out loud. Recite dialogue in different ways: Do you want to MEET for coffee? DO you want to meet for coffee? Do you want to meet for COFFEE? Add some new phrases. Better to feel awkward when you are by yourself than when your are on the spot with others. Master the technique of letting things roll off your tongue.

*Deal effectively with not getting what you want. Practice the words to say to yourself and others when you are faced with setbacks in your plans or when you receive a NO SALE. You will feel more in control. While you are doing these 'practice runs' you may realize what has held you back in the past.

*Spend time preparing for positive outcomes. Practice what you will say in response to the YES's you receive. Program yourself for success.

By using these tips you allow yourself to be open to new ideas on how to gain self confidence. These tips will reinforce your growing sense of self trust. They will steer you clear of the type of dead end thinking that says you should not feel challenged sometimes. These tips will help you to move past your fears of the unknown. When it comes time to test and try new ideas, these tips will assist you in expanding your tool kit.

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How to Gain Self Confidence

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This article was published on 2010/03/29