Building Up Self Confidence

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Self confidence emanates from within. No one can take it from you nor can it be installed by anyone except you. Now, how can one have a boost in self confidence?

First, you have to be certain of who you are. List all your good and prominent traits. There is surely to be at least something that you could be proud of whether that you are a good day dreamer or you are the most intelligent in your class. Once you have listed this, you now can write some suggestions on how you can improve these strengths. If you are a good day dreamer, then maybe you can enroll in a creative writing class to hone your skills. I believe finding just a single strength and polishing it can dramatically boost your self confidence.

Second, list the top three things that you want to improve in yourself or you want to accomplish. Set a goal and work on these one at a time. Set realistic short and long term goals. You can ask from people who know you the best such as your family or friends. Once, you try to improve yourself, you are empowered and this radiates a sense of confidence, the rest will then follow.

Third, surround yourself with people who are also confident but not full of themselves. Having friends who are confident can be empowering, it gives you a go getter attitude at the same time you will boost each other's morale. Lastly, make sure you treat everyone according to how you want to be treated. This includes how to treat others and how not to treat them. This includes praising others and not saying negative things to increase their self confidence. This will increase the respect of others for you and you will be recognized for this. Getting affirmation from others definitely boosts your self confidence.

With the changing of time and fast paced lifestyle, every individual needs to have a certain level of self confident so as to meet various challenges.  There are various people who are lack of self confidence even in walking, talking, sleeping i.e. some the basic thing. They are scared what people might think about them with a perception that they are not perfect comparing with their friends, family or colleagues.  When explaining about self confidence, it is due to a lack of self assuredness, judgment, or power.  Lack of self confidence leads to timidness, greediness and other bad characteristics that are not acceptable in any public sphere like the office, school, meeting or parties.

According to research it has said that people who are confident are happier in life. It is also predicted through research that self confidence can occur due to an abandonment of child's feelings by parents. Over the course of time, the child grows up and develops certain behaviors like timidness. It is necessary for parents to read good books that provide guidance on how to gain self confidence and achieve in their lives. Some examples like Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence written by Robert Anthony and Maximum Confidence by Jack Canfield will be quite helpful for those who want to gain self esteem or confidence.

Dress wisely as it plays a huge role in gaining self confidence. For instances you should dress according to your environment. Wear clothes that make you feel smart, comfortable and feel good when you look at the mirror before leaving your home.  Always follow your heart and believe in yourself.  Look on what you have already achieved; try to recollect what you have done as a person. Lastly, be bold to face the world. Go ahead and do something that you fear - and see the world can be yours.

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Building Up Self Confidence

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This article was published on 2010/10/03